A Sustainable Welfare System For NPP Germany

A Sustainable Welfare System For NPP Germany

In my bid to become the next 1st Vice-Chairperson of the NPP Germany branch, it’ll be an honour to bring my ideas and experiences to the fore, in th form of sustainable welfare system to help our great branch institute a legacy welfare system that’ll chalk many milestones, and energise the base of the party here in Germany.

What’s the current situation like?

The current welfare system of NPP Germany, which I call “frɛfrɛ kɔbɔ” (excuse my Twi), where members and officers of our party attend to welfare issues on whom you know basis, or “let me show my love” is unsustainable, misguided and unconstitutional, in my humble opinion, simply because it is not backed by any written down rules and regulations of our great branch, albeit one would want to argue against my stand. That’s why I believe strongly that we need a sustainable welfare system.

On the other hand, whenever a welfare issue crops up, and the Branch dishes out non-welfare funds to ‘appease’ the ‘culprit’; or certain individuals do the same out of their own volition, although commendable, I think more can be done by way of making it sustainable.

The ripple effect of the above situation can create an environment where, if a particular member isn’t in the good books of the Branch, or a particular Chapter, no welfare benefit could be accrued, hence the need for a sustainable welfare system.

The question then arises, what should be the way forward for a sustainable welfare system?

The answer is very simple in that NPP Germany as a branch has all the executive instruments, in the form of Rules and Regulations coupled with that of the mother party, NPP Ghana, at its disposal to see to it that a SUSTAINABLE & LASTING welfare policy is begotten and operationalised. We also have the men and women with all the capabilities to see to it that such a move is done and done well.

If my memory serves me right, in June 2014, there was a welfare arrangement of a sort, in which a Welfare Committee was constituted, and chaired by Mr. Michael Adu Gyamfi Kumanini with Madam Evelyn Boakye-Nyameyede of Hamburg, Mr. Boakye Acheampong of Munich, and Nana Akosa Brempong of Bremen as members.

There was a proposal raised by the committee, a good one though, which was based on Section 12 of the then Rules and Regulations of the branch to an agreement to establish a Welfare Fund to cater for:

  • Death of a member – where €500 was to be given to the bereaved family, and
  • A casualty to a member in the course of party duty to be ad-hocly deliberated upon, and then compensated.

There was a third caveat though whereby all other welfare cases were to be taken care of at the Chapter level.

The eligibility criterion that was given included 2 main pointers of:

  • A member of good standing – that all dues and other official levies fully paid, and
  • To benefit from the welfare fund, one should have been a member of the branch for not less than 12 months

Mind you, in my understanding, to qualify as a beneficiary one has to fulfill both pointers given above.

Then enters the issue of how the Welfare Fund was to be built. Well, the committee did a good job and set an amount of €10.00 per annum per member. This although very small was a very good start.

I quite remember some members were instigating that it was too small an amount, but in the wisdom of the committee, they had already put a clause in the Welfare Fund that the NEC (National Executive Committee) should have the right to recommend a reform upon the approval by the NC (National Council).

This to me was a good start, at least, if not for anything at all, let’s make the entry barrier easy for all, and as we intelligently learn (just like artificial intelligence algorithms work) how things go, we adjust with time.

In the report the Welfare Committee issued out, it was emphatically stated that under no circumstance should the NEC or NC spend the Welfare Fund on non-welfare issues. Great!

I was privy to this information because I was then the branch Financial Secretary, and worked alongside the Welfare Committee, where I proposed that a welfare statement of account be created specifically for that purpose. This I did, using an Excel template I created, which was designed to capture all welfare payments, the template which I still have (if anyone [Ebo] needs it, you can have it. It can be fine-tuned to how you want it).

The question then arises, “what is the status of this great welfare initiative?” Frankly, I don’t know!

What’s the way forward then towards a sustainable welfare system?

The way forward will entail the following:

  • Revisiting the above initiative, and similar ones, and studying them to see where we failed.
  • Coming up with a workable sustainable option that can stand the test of time.

What proposals do I bring on board for a sustainable welfare system?

  • That there should be a branch welfare fund that branch members pay into and receive benefits upon maturity
  • That each Chapter also institutes its own welfare system of a sort to compliment the branch one. I don’t believe there should be a one-size-fits-all approach for each Chapter.
  • To make it effective, there should be a Branch Welfare Trust/Board of a sort, who should be tasked to have oversight over the Chapter versions because every issue that might crop out “might” ultimately be referred to the Branch Welfare Trust.
  • That each Chapter should form a Welfare Committee of at least three (3) members to oversee the welfare activities of their Chapter, and who will work with the Branch Welfare Trust.
  • That we look into other areas or avenues of welfare, and not only death and birth, but a welfare system that individuals can join out of their own volition. This can be done in collaboration with a finanical institution, as Mr. Kwaku Appiah has already started with another group.
  • That such welfare initiatives should have a thorough look at how members who become incapacitated for one reason or the other can be taken care of. We shouldn’t lose sight of party faithfulls in Germany who are now bedridden or otherwise, but are fogotten.

I believe with the above initiatives, most members will feel a sense of belongingness, a commitment to the cause of NPP Germany as a branch, a booming and vibrant Chapter front, since members will feel fulfilled being part of such a Chapter.

I foresee the opening of many more Chapters if the welfare cause is taken seriously, and all hands are put on the deck to make it see the light of day.

My commitment towards a sustainable welfare system

My Commitment then is to work hand-in-hand with the executives who our party folks will elect and appoint to steer the affairs of our branch. I will avail myself at all times, voluntarily, and serve to help us realise a new and workable welfare regime.

I pledge on my honour to offer my services in any way to help the new administration clinch this milestone. So help me God!

I am Clement Brako Akomea,
(1st Vice-Chairperson Hopeful)