About me

Did you know that?

Clement is a technology businessman who is into IT Startups in Ghana and the United States. Plans are underway to start the same in Germany and the wider Europe.

Who Is Clement Brako Akomea?

What is your childhood like?

I was born in a town in the Eastern Region called Suhum, but hails from Wirenkyiren-Amanfrom and Apedwa.

You may ask why 2 towns? It’s very simple: my mother is from Wirenkyiren-Amanfrom and my Father is from Apedwa. Coincidentally, my mother’s mother is from Wirenkyiren and her father is from Apedwa. Whilst my father’s father is also from Wirenkyiren, his mother also hails from Apedwa.

I grew up in both towns, and it’s hard to choose one over the other, although by the Akan matrilineal culture I’m from Wirenkyiren. The story even becomes intriguing since my mother’s grandmother wasn’t Akyem but hailed from the family of one Opanin Kramo Yakubu of Abesim Street in Asante Juabeng. So you see? I’m lost as you’re!

Growing up, I lived most of my life at Kyebi, the royal Akyem Abuakwa town that houses the Ofori Panin Fie.

What is your political experience like?

I can sum up my political experience in the following bullet points:

  • Ex Branch & Chapter Financial Secretary
  • 15+ Years as Polling Station Patron
  • 10+ Years as Constituency Council of Patrons Member
  • 5+ Years as Council of Patrons Member in Eastern Region

What work experiences do you have?

I have vast working experience from Ghana, the United Kingdom, and Germany in the areas of Teaching, Management, Information Technology, and Business Intelligence. 

Some of the entities I have worked for include Ghana Education Service, the Ghana National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO), American Express Bank in London, Municons Consulting GmbH in Munich, Windhoff Software Services GmbH in Gescher, MSD Sharp & Dome GmbH in Haar, Alligator Company Software GmbH in Bremen, E. ON Energy Trading Holding GmbH in Duesseldorf, Cognolink Limited in London, Gap Cosmetics GmbH in Hamburg, among many others. 

Details of my work experience could be found on my profile on LINKEDIN.

What expertise do you have?

Clement is a professional SAP Business Intelligence (BI) professional, with expert knowledge in eCommerce and website development. He has a rare combination of excellent communication skills, ready to learn attitude, deep technical knowledge in his chosen professional fields. 

Aside from my deep educational background, I have considerable work experience from Ghana, the United Kingdom, and Germany spanning General Management, IT Project Management, Business Intelligence Consulting, and Ecommerce/Website Development.

Currently, my focuses are on:

  • Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing.
  • Website and Online Shops Design & Development, plus in-depth affinity in Online (Digital) Marketing, Hosting, Domains, WHM, and WHMCS.
  • Health Research, where I blog and write on general health topics including women’s and men’s health, dietary and supplements, diets and weight-loss, exercises and fitness.

All in all, my professional passion is designing and implementing technical solutions that enable businesses to significantly increase the value derived from their IT investments.

What is your educational background?

Briefly, I will say the following:

  • The University of Greenwich: MSc. Distributed Computing Systems (Computer Science) / 2006
  • Southwark College – London, UK: Diploma & Advance Diploma Information Technology & Computing / 2002
  • Cambridge Tutorial College – Jersey, UK(1) Diploma Human Resources Management – High Merit. (2) Diploma Informatics – Distinction / 1997-1999
  • University of Ghana, Legon, Accra – BA (Hons) Social Work & Administration with Political Science / 1993
  • Abuakwa State College “A” Level / 1989
  • Suhum Sec. Tech. School “O” Level / 1987

Details of my educational background could be found on my profile on LINKEDIN.

What is/are your future plans?

  • To become the 1st Vice-Chairperson of NPP Germany Branch.
  • To commit to supporting, and working with whoever becomes the Branch Chairperson, and committing to working with all officers of our great party at both chapter and branch levels.
  • To achieve the above, it’ll require dedication, respect, hard work, team dynamics and many more. These, I’m ever ready to do!

As a First Vice-Chairperson contestant, I stand very tall.

It’s obvious that NPP Germany needs a First Vice-Chairperson, who in the absence of the Chairperson, can confidently fit into that position. This is a trait found in me. A man ready to squarely fit into the shoes of that indefatigable current 1st Vice-Chairperson, Mr. Charles Gyimah. With your vote, that can happen!